Verity Riding Center


Verity Therapeutic Riding and Educational Center, Inc. began in October 2010 as an inspiration to use horses to promote healing. With the the help of God, a few close friends, and community leaders who realized the value of therapeutic riding, Verity was able to start when we received a grant from RAFI, Intl.

Verity started its first student in a private barn on January 3, 2012. We relocated to our permanent site at 412 Bagley Swamp Rd, Hertford, NC, in June, 2014 where we can have a barn, riding arena, pasture for center horses, and a sensory trail for educational purposes.

Research shows that individuals who participate in therapeutic riding can experience physical, emotional, and mental rewards. There is a special bond between horse and rider that encourages unconditional love, trust, and self-worth. The purpose of Verity is to build character and confidence in individuals of all ages. We pray God will help us provide a safe and fun environment to promote healing for everyone.

Verity is Truth....Truth leads to Hope.... Hope becomes Reality.
John 14:6 "I am the way and the truth and the life"

Mission Statement: It is our mission to provide equine assisted therapy for hope, healing and health.